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  1. anth says:

    its a datto nomad! someone on the510realm or ratsun.net should know something about it

  2. Rich says:

    I bet this is the same 2dr wagon that was built in Eugene, Oregon back in the 90′s. It used to be a pale neon green color and was built by a guy who worked at an auto body shop. He did the same exact thing with the hatch windows. I can’t imagine some one else would do it the same and that clean.

    But it’s possible some one else made a copy.

  3. number 72 says:

    rich is wrong.
    that teal wag in oregon from what i hear has a v6, mine has an sr20, a very clean swap that’s not pictured. i built it, and have had it for 15 years.
    datsun 510 parts outlet 252-1001 in the five ten area code of course. ask troy.
    any ??s about the engine… search “510 neck” on youtube,.

  4. Bobby says:

    I like this article.. This is my 1st time to this blog. Thanks for sharing . I must subscribe to this site. I am a truck mechanics specialist for a long time. Our technical tip of the year is: Please don’t make an attempt a exotic repair job without a professional. That will cost you lots more in the end. Thank you again..

  5. qwik510 says:

    Hey Guys. Sorry to dig up this old thread but I was doing a search on Google and found
    this cool thread about this 510 two door wagon.

    I have always wanted a 2 door wagon. About 15+ years ago, I saw a picture of one in an issue of the Dime Quarterly. I told myself, if it ever comes up for sale, I would buy it. Well last year, I bought it.

    This is the teal one Rich talked about.

    This one was built nicely. The superb metal work that looks factory. The guy that built it used doors from a 2 door, which are longer to allow access to the back, along with the 2 door B pillars welded in and the front section of the 2 door quarter panel joined to the rear section of the wagon quarter panel. It does have the custom made to fit Pop out windows but my plans include changing that to one piece glass tinted dark. The car was built with (and currently still has) an L20B 2.0 liter inline 4. I also plan to install a VG30 V6 and other goodies.

    I call it, my “3 Door Dime”.

    If any of you are on the east coast USA, we have an
    Annual 510 Meet at Summit Point Raceway in the spring.
    More info here. http://www.eastcoastdatsun510.com

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