Bumblebee a 510?

Sorry for the length of time since my last post. To make up for it here’s a good one.

Is that you Bumblebee? - Datsun 510

That’s Shia LaBeouf running to the Datto. The 510 is be painted in the familiar yellow and black scheme. Is this the new Bumblebee??

More pics here. Or a video compilation of the pics:

These are the first pictures (that I know of) of a 510 being used. A few months back there was a rumor that a wagon would be included, but there were no pictures to validate it.

Nice to see the good ol Datto being captured on the big screen.


Two more vids:

One Response to Bumblebee a 510?

  1. ROGER MENDOZA says:

    I think I saw this car somewhere around Orange County California and I loved it. I remember I asked if it was for sale. Cause I have a Black 510 and I wanted a 2nd car. Is it the same car?

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