No expense spared SR20 2 door 510

I would love to be able to spend all my money on my Datsun. Unfortunately with kids, family and mortgage, it’s just not the smart thing to do. There are some others who are lucky enough to be able to spend a good wad of cash on their toys. I present you with one such build:


I’ve first saw this build on the 510Realm. It started off as a standard rebuild that you see on the internet. But slowly things came up that showed that there was some thought and money being poured into this.

From this:



To this:

The car was also featured in Turbo Magazine.

View the build-up thread on the 510Realm or see more pictures on Flickr.

The car was sold pretty much once completed, and unfortunately the quality of workmanship was not as good as the pictures would show. However with a new owner hopefully all the niggles will be sorted out.

Still looks great though.

2 Responses to No expense spared SR20 2 door 510

  1. anth says:

    i think the lambo in his garage was a giveaway that this wouldn’t be your average build!

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