Oh the humanity…

It was only a matter of time really. yuk.

Found here via the Bluebirds mailing list.

5 Responses to Oh the humanity…

  1. Tony240Z says:

    What a waste of a perfectly good car… At least it’s a salvageable shell. Maybe someone will buy this and turn it into something decent?

    BTW Iggy, do you know this car? Sorry for going slightly off-topic, but I’m looking for more info about this car.


    P.S. Just subscribed via RSS.

  2. Pav says:

    It’s some strange American style, google donk box and bubble and you will find heaps of cars like this, each to his own i guess. (fake bug catcher is a major fail)

  3. Torby says:

    That’s just not how a 510 should look… I guess by the sticker on the side that it’s got a V8 in there too?

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