4 Responses to Snowball Run 2010

  1. Sean Lamothe says:

    Great vid. Great Blog!

  2. Pete says:

    That Dime sounds great. Any idea what’s in the car, i.e. engine, trans, and exhaust?

    • Iggy says:

      From his build thread:
      S13 SR20DET and 5 Speed
      Hybrid T25/T28 Ballbearing turbo (BB T28 with T25 Turbine & Housing) with HKS Actuator
      S15 Injectors

      R33 GTST Skyline front discs & calipers & Datsport conversion kit
      Ground control front coilover conversion
      Datsport Fitting & Handling Kit
      Work VS-XX rims made to order 17×6.5 front 17×7.5 rear
      Rays black duralinum wheel nuts

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