SR20 turbo in an R34 Skyline

Came across an interesting conversion the other day, an SR20 turbo slotted into an R34 Skyline.
SR20 turbo in an R34 Skyline
Looks pretty good in there. Don’t know how it goes seeing as the Skyline was equipt with a 2.5l 6 cylinder initially.
Outside shot of R34 Skyline

Then again Top Secret did something similar with their Supra.
Top Secret Supra
Engine Bay Picture of the Top Secret Supra

12 Responses to SR20 turbo in an R34 Skyline

  1. Lee says:

    Hey great find… I’m gonna post that up on my my forum, although as you say I can’t see the SR20 pushing out more than the original engine? Weird!

  2. Iggy says:

    Probably more to do with improved weight distribution and better parts availability?

  3. David says:

    I thought SR20s were only availiable on 4-cylinders?

  4. Iggy says:

    It is a 4 cylinder. That’s what makes the conversion interesting. They took out the 6 cyl and slotted in a 4 cyl.

  5. Ryan Holden says:

    It was likely a 2.5 NA NEO before and is now an SR20DET 4 cyl

  6. james says:

    they do this swap for better weight and balance as the sr sits further back than the rb, it can also put out the same amount of power with improved responce. Usually it’s done if the car was rb25DE NEO non turbo or if they blew their turbo motor. sr20′s are cheap as fuck, rb25det engines are not.

  7. shaun says:

    The r34 is actually a drift car in WA Australia, It did start its life off as a NEO NA. There is a spread of it on a tuner magazine, Im unsure which one though. But from memory the car weights alot lighter due to nothing in the cabin but a dash, seat, cage and steering wheel. The engine is pumping out 296+rwhp, nothing standard with the suspension mods either. I hope this paints a picture for you guys.

    If you guys want a view of the parts list here is the link ( Of the car being parted out back in 07

    Fan of the car if I find some pictures out there ill link it here.

  8. shaun says:

    And I found his photobucket: GO TO PAGE 10!!!

  9. Iggy says:

    Awesome! Thanks for those links.

  10. Greggy says:

    Hey just wondering i am about to do the same thing with my car but don’t know the full price that it will cost any1 know about this and where i can get it done properly?

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