V8 510s

On forums you get the occasionally post asking whether putting a V8 into a 510 is a good idea. Generally that doesn’t go down well with most people citing poor weight distribution, space, etc. Well here are two examples of completed ones:

From Australia, this one has a Ford 351 Windsor and a T88 turbo. Obviously built for burnouts.

This one with an LS1 from the US. Built for drifting.

Any others?

7 Responses to V8 510s

  1. Duncan Flora says:

    Pete Brock’s


  2. Matt Guzzetta says:

    How about a Ford 5.0 V8 Datsun 4 dr that handles? It can be done and it is much fun!
    2nd attempt at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TK8J_rnO8k


  3. Matt Guzzetta says:

    Here are some links to images of the car with interior and mechanicals. The car was in the Dime Quarterly as a reader’s ride some time ago and is still on their website last time I looked.








    The car was built just to PO Porsche and BMW owners and the autocross thing was to get it to handle properly. After about 3 years of changing springs, settings, and swaybars, the thing does scoot!


  4. don says:

    im about to atemp this do you have any helpfull sugestions

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