Yellow Fever

Anyone who likes Datsun 510s and have searched the internet will know about Yellow Fever.

Yellow Fever!

This car is the ultimate in custom Datsuns. The only other Datsun I can think of that has had as much work and trickery done to it would be Aaron Fitzpatrick’s FIVETEN.

With Yellow Fever, nothing has been left standard. It’s powered by a 13b turbo rotary which uses a 4 barrel Holley carburetor instead of the now more common fuel injection . A back half chassis was grafted on and uses a Jag IRS rear end instead of the factory IRS.

The body is in my opinion one of the best parts of the car. Besides being a 2 door (a rarity in Australia), it has been totally customised. The list of removed items (taken from the site) is a thorough one:

  • front cowl grille
  • windshield wipers
  • body side lines
  • rear license plate recess
  • rear license plate lights
  • rain gutters (drip rails)
  • rear exhaust cutout (under bumper)
  • rear pillar vents
  • all emblems and moldings
  • gas door
  • quarter panel seams
  • door handles
  • all door and trunk locks
  • the antenna
  • side marker lights
  • the hole in the center of the front valance panel
  • bumpers
  • rear bumper flange
  • rear bumper mounting flanges and holes
  • door window frames
  • door mirrors
  • battery mount
  • firewall holes and brackets
  • prop bracket on underside of hood

The drip rails turned out to be a bit of a pain as removing them meant the roof came off!

Once all the bodywork was completed the car was painted in Ferrari Fly Yellow. I think you ‘ll agree that this things looks awesome!

Yellow Fever is a very thoroughly modified car and a very inspirational car to me. If you want to find out more visit it’s web site.

Besides it’s website I have never seen it photographed. Makes me think that it wasn’t driven much. Then I read somewhere that it was sold. Where did it go? Why to New Zealand!
And it won some awards too. Definitely need to visit the land of the Long White Cloud now!

Yellow Fever in NZ

Congrats to the new owner, hope you get many years of enjoyment out of it. Oh, and bring it to Oz ;)

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